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Reusable Lumber Company offers a sound alternative to buying virgin products from our diminishing forests and dumping buildings slated for demolition into our rapidly overflowing landfills.

We provide high quality, beautiful old growth products not available at commercial lumber yards and "big box" home improvement centers. We harvest our products from our rich urban landscape carefully by hand. Prior to sale, our harvest is cleaned and either sold as-is or re-surfaced and custom-milled into flooring, siding, decking, casing, trim, ceilings, doors and beams, etc., depending on the specific needs of our clients.

For more information regarding our current inventory and/or our deconstruction services or to place an order for your project, please call us at (650) 867-8970 or email us at info@reusablelumber.com. We have storage yards in San Gregorio and Novato, California and operate primarily throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. However, out of area and out of state inquiries are welcome.

info@reusablelumber.com/ P.O. Box 620327, Woodside, CA 94062/ office (650) 867-8970